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Just how to lengthen the working life of a pellet machine?

Every equipment has a certain working life. It relies on the putting on components. In terms of pellet equipments, the using components consists of roller, die (ring die or level die), bearing, and gearbox, etc the functioning life of a ring die is 800-1200 hours, a flat die is 600-800 hours, and also a roller is around 1000 hrs. The functioning life is determined by the product quality, but additionally influenced by your using practices. Correct usage as well as routine upkeep can extend the working life of a pellet machine.

Feed the pellet machine with oil combination

Every single time when you finish pellet manufacturing, feed oil mixes (mixed sawdust as well as made use of oil) to the pellet maker and allow it operate for 1-2 mins, then you can close down the equipment.

Hereafter process, the die openings are filled with oil combination and won’t get obstructed by the raw materials With this step, you can begin making pellets straight the following time. It can not just save your time but also prolong the functioning life of the pellet maker.

However if you do not make use of the pellet maker for over 1 month, you ‘d much better take out the oil combination in the die, or they would certainly get solidified and also challenging to improve. This is bad for later usage.

Control the pureness of basic materials

Prior to starting the maker, see to it there is no contaminants in the feed receptacle. Yet do not place you hand right into the hopper when the pellet equipment is running. If there is unusual sound in the feed hopper, you must shut down the maker and remove the foreign matters, as well as start it once again.

Ensure there is no stones, metals, large wood obstructs in the raw materials. Problem permitting, mount a Tublar Magnet or a RCYB on the feed receptacle to avoid metals getting involved in the pellet machine. Besides, you can make use of an automated feeder to accomplish consistent feeding, to ensure that the pellet manufacturing is extra smooth.

Control the wetness content

Typically, the wetness material of resources ought to be 10% -18%. If the wetness material is also reduced, the raw materials will be also tough. They will certainly boost the power usage and the abrasion of the pellet equipment.

On the other hand, basic materials with high moisture material are tough to pulverize, which will certainly enhance the abrasion of the hammer mill. Besides, Journalism and also rubbing in the pellet mill will heat up the raw products and trigger the wetness to vaporize. The evaporated wetness will certainly blend with the wood powders as well as block the holes on the die, thus reducing the pellet manufacturing.

Clean the elements on a regular basis

The pelletizing procedure will produce a whole lot wood dirt, but the pellet machine are usually not equipped with dirt defense tool. This requires us to cleanse the roller, die, major shaft and bearing on a regular basis. Clear up the sawdust in slots, gaps and also screw openings, or they might create crack of the elements.

If you do not utilize the pellet equipment for long time, I recommend you to dispatch the components and clear up the pellets inside the die and also the sawdust connected to the mold surface area, incase they end up being tight and difficult to get rid of. On the other hand, the sawdust will certainly absorb water and increase the deterioration of the parts.

Oil the roller, shafts and transmission

Before the very first time usage, include lubricate oil to the transmission, shafts and bearings. In daily use, you need to lubricate the roller and also primary shaft each day, as well as oil the gearbox every a fifty percent year. If the roller lacks oil, it will certainly create damage to the bearing and also roller shaft, even break down the pellet maker.

Pick suitable size of die

The hole size of the die is from 2.5-10mm, and also the 4mm, 6mm as well as 8mm is one of the most prominent. The dimension of die is figured out by the basic materials. If the holes are undersized, the pellet return will certainly be low and also no pellets appearing. At the same time, they will increase the stress between the roller and also die and shorten the functioning life of the pellet machine. So you require to speak with the sales to select an ideal die

Readjust the clearance between the roller as well as die

The roller and also die (level die or ring die) is the core part of the pellet maker. Their clearance affect the pelletizing result and the functioning life. The suitable clearance is in between 0.1 mm and 0.3 mm. If the clearance is larger than 0.3 mm, the raw material layer will certainly be too thick as well as lower the pellet yield. If the clearance is less than 0.1 mm, the abrasion of the roller and die will certainly increase, as well as influence the functioning life.

In flat die pellet maker, there are adjusting nuts on the 2 sides of the maker body. Tighten them up and screw back for 15 ° -30 °. Maintain the two bolts in well balanced settings. After that, you can fasten the lock screws. In ring die pellet machine, make sure the clearance in between each side of the roller and the ring die coincides. Simply put, the roller as well as ring die ought to in the very same axis, in case the eccentric roller reason abrasion to the ring die.

Area the pellet equipment in dry places

To secure the pellet machine from moist, we require to put the pellet equipment in a clean, dry as well as aerated atmosphere. The steel components are simple to get rust under damp problem, and also the electrical motor will certainly have shortcut or electrical leakage. These will certainly reduce the working life of the pellet machine.

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