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Extrusion organic fertilizer pellet making machine is one of the main (biological) organic fertilizer production equipment currently produced by our company. The organic fertilizer pellet making machine has excellent technology, simple operation, and various models of different models are designed. It is an ideal processing machine for fertilizer processing units.

This organic fertilizer pellet making machine can not only granulate a variety of organic substances, but especially the crude fiber materials that are difficult to be granulated by conventional equipment, such as: crop straw, wine dregs, fungus dregs, medicinal dregs, animal dung, etc. The granulation effect of raw materials such as humic acid and municipal sludge has also achieved good results.

  • This series of organic fertilizer production machine is a new type of inclined disc granulation equipment: the granulation rate can reach more than 90%.
  • The reducer and the motor are driven by flexible belts, which can start smoothly, reduce the impact force and improve the service life of the equipment.
  • The bottom of the granulating plate is reinforced by a number of radiating steel plates, which is sturdy and durable, not deformed, thickened, heavier, and has a solid base design.
  • It does not need anchor bolts to fix it, and the operation is stable. The main gear of the organic fertilizer pellet making machine adopts high-frequency quenching.
  • The service life is doubled. After the anti-corrosion treatment in the granulation pan, it is durable. The machine has the advantages of uniform granulation, high ball formation rate, stable operation, durable organic fertilizer pellet making machine and long service life.
  • It is well received by users and is the choice of the majority of users. It is an ideal product for my country’s environmental protection applicable technology promotion project.
organic fertilizer pellet making machine

1. Structural characteristics of organic fertilizer granulator

The organic fertilizer pellet making machine consists of a body part, a granulating rotor part and a transmission part.

The working principle of the organic fertilizer pellet machine is that the material enters the machine from the feeding port at one end of the body, and is continuously pushed by the granulating rotor and mechanically moves with the casing to achieve the purpose of granulation, and the finished granules are pushed out of the machine at the other end of the body.

  • The rotor of organic fertilizer pellet making machine is driven by the motor and reducer of the transmission part, and most of the transmission part and the body part are fixed on the same frame, so that not only the structure is firm, the operation is stable, but also the installation is very convenient.
  • It is a new era of environmentally friendly organic fertilizer pellet making machine. The working principle of this series of fertilizer pelletizer: the pulley and belt are driven by the main motor, and the pinion gear is driven by the reducer.
  • On the main shaft fixed on the adjustment plate of the frame to support the work of the entire granulation plate (this organic fertilizer pellet machine is used in conjunction with the sprayer) after the material enters the granulation plate, the continuous rotation of the granulation plate and the spray device make the material uniform the sticking together will form spherical particles.
  • An automatic cleaning device is designed in the upper part of the granulating disc of the organic fertilizer pellet making machine to prevent the material from sticking to the wall, thereby greatly improving the service life of thefertilizer pelletizer.
  • With the continuous rotation of the motor, the continuous flow of the material Only after entering, can mass production be realized, which has reached the need of continuous work.

2. Structural features of organic fertilizer pellet making machine

  • The bottom of the ball-forming disc is reinforced with multiple radiating steel plates, which have high strength and rigidity.
  • The transmission gear adopts high-frequency quenching treatment, which has a long service life.
  • Using a unique non-power combined scraper device to reduce auxiliary power consumption.
  • The reducer and the motor are driven by flexible belts, with smooth start and low impact force.
  • The transmission system of the organic fertilizer pellet making machine is equipped with a bridge device, which reduces the direct impact of the gear and the reducer, improves the operation stability of the equipment, and increases the service life of the main components.
  • The ball forming disc is composed of a disc body and a disc segment. The disc segment can be adjusted up and down along the disc body, and the end of the disc segment is an edge flange to ensure that the material ball will not be pulled or torn when it is discharged from the organic fertilizer making machine disc;
  • After the frame is welded and the stress is relieved, its mating surface is processed and formed on the boring and milling machine at one time to ensure higher assembly accuracy and smoother operation of the whole machine;
  • The scraper device of organic fertilizer pellet making machine consisting of a combination scraper without power and a scraper for cleaning corners can make the balling effect better when used together with the optimized ball-forming disc while cleaning the bottom and edges.

3. Which raw materials are suitable?

  • Bio-organic fertilizer pellet making machine using peat, lignite, organic fertilizer sludge and straw as raw materials;
  • Granulate organic compound fertilizer with organic fertilizer such as chicken manure as the main raw material;
  • The cake fertilizer system with bean cake as the main raw material;
  • Pelleting full-price feed and mixed feed with corn, beans, grass meal, etc. as raw materials;
  • Bio-feed straw pellets are granulated with crop straw as raw material.

The “Organic Fertilizer Spherical Granulator” developed by the company, on the basis of absorbing, digesting and drawing lessons from the principles of advanced organic fertilizer pellet making machine at home and abroad, has finally overcome the high temperature sterilization of biological fertilizers produced by existing organic fertilizer pellet making machine after repeated experiments and development.

In order to solve the problems of poor granulation and difficult drying, a new “bio-organic fertilizer granulator” with reasonable design, simple structure, normal temperature preservation and smooth granules was developed, which ended the difficulty of granulating organic fertilizers easily due to the body, and it was even more difficult to reverse the ball.

 The granules produced by organic fertilizer pellet making machine have low moisture content and are easy to dry. At the same time, it can also produce feed pellets and fill the domestic gap of multi-purpose machine in the field of pelletizing machinery.

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