Small Poultry Feed Making Machine

Pelletizing Rate of Small Poultry Feed Making Machine

When buying a mobile phone, ask about resolution, memory, operating memory, pixels, etc. Because people’s requirements for mobile phones are getting higher and higher. The same goes for pellet feeders. So how much pelletizing rate can a small poultry feed making machine supplier achieve?

Small poultry feed making machine is a product with higher consultation. There are many farmers raising poultry in China, and suppliers of small poultry feed making machine have attracted everyone’s attention.

Pelletizing rate is a relevant parameter of small poultry feed making machine. A poultry feed pellet making machine with a high granulation rate has a high granulation rate and can be formed at one time; a small poultry feed making machine with a low granulation rate may have more feed and the pellets are not formed, which requires reprocessing, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive and reduces production efficiency. So what is the pellet output rate of the pellet feeder?

Generally speaking, the pelletizing rate of high-quality small poultry feed making machine can reach more than 98%. In addition to machines, it is also related to the human factor. There are two main aspects.

(1) Moisture. The moisture content of poultry feed pellet mill should be 12%~18%. If the water is too large, it will not form, and if the water is too small, it is easy to produce powder.

(2) Raw materials. Generally, small poultry feed making machine manufacturers recommend using raw materials with a certain viscosity, such as corn, bran, etc. Raw materials with low viscosity are not easy to mold. If the viscosity of the raw material itself is small, it is best to mix it with other raw materials.

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Small Poultry Feed Making Machine

How to carry out post-maintenance of poultry feed machine?

The utilization rate of small poultry feed making machine is getting wider and wider, and now some small pellet machines have entered each of our families. Therefore, in order to make these home convenient, so we must learn how to maintain and maintain the feed pellet machine.

Be careful when choosing the right machine. Choose a suitable machine, check whether it is running without noise, whether the feed pellet machine is uniform when used, whether the size of the pellets is the same, etc.

These are basic things. After purchase, we have to maintain it ourselves. Although the small poultry feed making machine is small, the parts are the same as the large mechanical parts, so we should also maintain it like a large pellet machine when maintaining it.

Regular inspection of parts is checked once a month, including whether the moving parts such as Loran slide bar, screw, bearing are in normal operation, good flexibility, damaged, etc. Many people often ask why the pellet size of the pellet machine is not uniform, in fact, due to the screw and The problem with the slide bar, some pellets of uneven size slide out at the same time and do not pass through the main body part.

Therefore, we test these major components during maintenance. If we don’t use the machine for a long time, we must find a film to cover the machine, try to keep the dust out of the machine, and open it regularly, and draw lubricating oil to prevent some parts from rusting often. Also, don’t use it indoors with some high pH.

These machines are susceptible to acid and alkali corrosion. After construction, we should clean up the inside of the machine, clean up some residual feed, and clean up the poultry feed pellet making machine for the next use.

These jobs are often neglected by us in our life, there are many people who do not manage the feed pellet machine after use, so the machine is getting more and more difficult, so this also gives us a warning, we must take good care of the small poultry feed making machine, because his Long-term work will age, and failure to maintain them will shorten their lifespan. (Related post:cat litter making machine

What are the benefits of a poultry feed pellet machine?

The small poultry feed making machine naturally heats up to about 70 degrees when processing feed pellets, and various additives and drugs can be added, with minimal nutrient loss. The pellet surface is smooth, the hardness is moderate, and the internal curing degree is deep. It also kills disease-causing microorganisms and parasites and ensures feed quality. Can be used for rabbits, chickens, ducks, geese, fish, pigs, aquatic products, etc.

Our small poultry feed making machine uses a shaft drive to make pellets without the need for belts. Utilizing high technology, it is much more visible than the original belt drive. The feed pellet machine belongs to the kind of dry in and dry out. During the manufacturing process, we use these small families for breeding. At the same time, the pellets can be stored for a long time, and it is not a problem for more than half a year.

The pellets produced by the poultry feed pellet machine have high hardness, smooth surface and mature interior, which can be processed as breeding feed. The production of feed can improve the digestion and absorption of animal nutrition, reduce the adverse effects of digestion, and can kill pathogenic microorganisms such as various parasite eggs, enhancing the animal disease resistance, reducing various insect and digestive diseases. (Related post: cat litter production line)

It conforms to the characteristics of poultry, pigs, cattle and sheep meshing animals, improves the palatability of the feed, is convenient to eat, improves the nutrient absorption and conversion rate, is convenient for long-term storage and transportation, and has higher economic benefits than mixed powder feeds.

Nowadays, many small farms use other fine feed to crush straw, and use small poultry feed making machine to press into pellets, which become Chinese food for poultry, pigs, cattle and sheep.

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