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Why do we choose straw pellet plant?

Corn straw has a wide range of agricultural, livestock and industrial uses. The processing machinery of straw pellet plant for corn stalks, barley straw, sorghum straw and other crop straw are developing faster. Therefore, it is believed that as long as the market is recognized, the investment potential of straw pellet plant can be good.

At present, corn straw is mainly used in the market for straw mixed feed and biomass fuel as the main processing projects. Its market potential is mainly stimulated by low-cost and waste straw recycling policies and financial subsidies. It plays an important role in the energy market and feed market.

The corn stalks is pressed into pellets used as the raw materials of the biomass electric generation. Every 10,000 tons of corn straw can produce 7 million degrees of electricity. The electric generation plant has emerged based on the corn stalk as raw materials. Corn straw can also be fermented by biogas to generate heat energy, replace coal and electricity, and provide energy for rural cooking and heating.

Speaking of straw, the first treatment method we think of is combustion treatment. Although this method is direct, it is easy to cause a lot of impact on the environment. With the development of society and the promotion of the country, this method is also less and less, but straw has not been effectively developed and utilized. Don’t burn straw. Straw biomass pellet plant turns it into biomass pellet fuel permitted by the state.

Straw pellet plant effectively solves this embarrassing problem. The straw pellet plant takes the traditional straw as the raw material and processes the straw mechanically, so that the straw becomes a granular object. After becoming a granular object, it is not only more convenient for transportation, but also improves the combustion performance, making the straw from waste into a biofuel that major manufacturers compete to choose.

In addition, sawdust and some daily wood leftovers can be used as raw materials for production. It is convenient to obtain materials and widely used. It is a sharp tool to turn waste into treasure. If there are abundant straw resources near you, you might as well choose one of our straw pellet plant. I believe you will have a good harvest.

Corn straw pellet plant mainly includes mechanical configurations such as hammer mill, drum drying machine, mixer, straw pellet machine, cooler and packing system, while corn straw pellet production line mainly includes configurations such as straw hammer mill, dryer, straw pellet mill, cooling machine and packing system.

After the straw is processed by the straw pellet machine, it will become straw fuel pellets. We all know that straw accounts for a very large proportion in some agricultural power countries, and we usually burn or throw away straw because straw is really useless.

So why buy a straw pellet machine to process straw into fuel pellets? The price of straw pellet machine is not a bit of cash. Is it cost-effective to process almost worthless straw?

The answer is yes. Why is that? Coal is the fuel we before usually used. We are all familiar with coal. Coal is the main fuel we use. However, the formation time of coal is too long, which means that if we don’t find a way, the coal resources will be exhausted. The combustion of coal will release harmful air pollutants, which also means that if we want to have a good living environment, we must find a resource that can replace coal.

With the continuous development trend of social development, the demand for straw pellet machine is increasing, and the well-known brands of pellet machine are also slowly increasing. Many customers who do not want to go out to work are considering that they are doing business or working again. Some farmers are interested in the breeding industry. Recently, they want to know about the relevant machinery and equipment, but they do not know how to choose this kind of machinery and equipment, let alone which one is good. This doubt is also the doubt of many customers. Next, I will share with many customers how to choose a suitable straw pellet machine.

First, whether it is the manufacturer. Because there are many manufacturers in the market, large and small. Whether it is a small car room or a powerful manufacturer, it is recommended that users conduct field investigation when necessary. Look at the size of the manufacturer’s factory and whether there are technicians and after-sales teams.

Secondly, check the accessories of the straw pellet machine. Each equipment is inseparable from straw pellet mill accessories. Poor material selection of straw pellet machine accessories will affect the working effect and service life of the straw pellet machine.

Thirdly, check whether there are successful cases. If the straw pellet machine manufacturer has strong strength, there will be customer cases all over the world, which can usually be seen on the enterprise website.

Finally, after-sales service. Perfect after-sales service is a necessary service for regular manufacturers. Many small brands do not have such services. The more detailed the service, the stronger the strength of the manufacturer and the quality of the equipment will be guaranteed.

RICHI Machinery can not only provide straw pellet machine alone, but also can design complete straw pellet production line for you. This can all be specially customized for you. If you want to learn about this, just send inquiry to us.


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