How to improve efficiency of wood pellet mill for sale?

When it comes to wood pellet mill for sale, I believe that many customers know about it. The wood pellet mill machine can make wood pellets into biomass fuel pellets, which not only realizes the reuse of resources, saves resources, but also protects the environment and realizes green and sustainable development. Sawdust has been widely used in our life and production, so how to improve the production efficiency of the manufacturer’s wood pellet mill for sale?

1. How to improve efficiency of wood pellet mill for sale?

How to improve the working efficiency of wood pellet mill for sale? After purchasing our wood pellet mill equipment, customers naturally want high-yield production efficiency, but if the choice is not good or the operation is improper, it will affect the production efficiency of our wood pellet machine equipment. (Related post: fuel pellet plant)

How to do it? The following small series of Richi Machinery will introduce to you, so that you can better understand our How to improve the working efficiency of wood pellet mill for sale.

(1) Choose the wood pellet mill for sale suitable for your production capacity. For example, the actual output of the factory is 2 tons. If you choose a wood pelletizer machine with an output of 3 tons per hour, it will be overkill and waste.

(2) The feeding of the wood pellet mill should be uniform during the production process, so as to ensure the smooth operation of the machine, no material blockage, and more uniform pellets.

(3) Control the gap between the die of the wood pellet mill for sale and the pressing wheel. After the material is cured at high temperature, it will be pressed and formed by the pressing wheel, so that the resulting pellets have good compactness and are strong and beautiful.

(4) According to your actual needs, choose the appropriate diameter of the die of the wood pellet mill for sale. If the hole diameter is too small or too large, it will cause the phenomenon of low output and no material, and will also seriously affect the production efficiency of the wood pellet machine.

(5) Lubricate and clean regularly of the wood pellet mill for sale. Long-term friction between the mold and the pressure roller will damage the mold. Regular oil injection and cleaning can not only ensure the cleanliness of the mold, but also reduce the friction between the two, reduce costs, and improve production efficiency. (Related post: wood pellet plant in Indonesia)

2. How to reduce the frequency of failure of biomass wood pellet mill for sale?


The emergence of biomass energy fuels not only improves global environmental governance, but also drives the development of energy-saving and environmental protection equipment in China. Richi Wood Pellet Machinery Co., Ltd. has advanced technical experience in the field of biomass wood pellet mill machine manufacturing.

The quality of the equipment produced is guaranteed. At the same time, the pellet fuel products produced by the equipment also meet the standards. Now it has become a hot wood pellet mill manufacturer at home and abroad.

However, although the wood pellet mill for sale produced by our factory has a high quality advantage, it cannot guarantee the damage caused to the machine by some users due to carelessness during use. Today, the editor will introduce to you how to reduce the failure of the wood pellet machine caused by improper use.

(1) Power supply

When using the biomass wood pellet mill for sale, it is necessary to check whether the power supply is in good contact. This is not only to maintain the biomass pellet machine itself, but also to ensure the safety of the operator.

Once there is a problem with the power supply of the wood pellet mill for sale, it is very likely that the host and adapter of the biomass pellet machine will be burned. This problem has occurred many times, but many people still do not pay attention to it.

(2) Equipment

During the operation of the wood pellet mill for sale, do not shake the machine. Because the machine is running, the screen clamps are evenly selected. If the machine is shaken, the screen will also shake. In this way, the screen cannot play the role of screening, and the biomass pellets produced by the biomass wood pellet machine will fail.

The pellet machines produced by our factory will be equipped with anti-shake devices, so that the produced products can be better maintained. However, when operating, it still needs the attention of our customers and friends.

(3) Maintenance

When using the biomass wood pellet press machine to process ingredients, due to the different proportions of ingredients and different screens, the load of the host is different. After using the biomass pellet machine for a period of time, the The main engine is maintained, which can also increase the service life of the wood pellet mill for sale.

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